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G44 MINERAÇÃO LTDA is registered company in the Campos Verdes, Santa Terezinha de Goiás area in Brazil. This area is known as "Capital of the Emerald World" due to its dark vivid green high-quality emeralds production. We mine licensed, legitimate, and sustainable.


The G44 Mineração mine has a total area of ± 90,000s quare meters. G44 Mineração LTDA also holds the rights to explore emerald gemstones in areas, adjacent to its mines, of ± 436 Hactare (4,360,000 m²)

Our emeralds are sourced directly from our mines, then cut & polished by expert gem-cutters in our own factory in the same area, near the mine. Our mine-to-market approach allows us to offer very good quality emeralds at highly affordable wholesale prices.


We are looking for distributors and dealers all over the world for our emeralds sales. Anyone who is interested in joining our sales network and wholesale is welcome to visit our

distributer’s office in Almas Tower, JLT, Dubai, and our mines, G44 Mineração LTDA in Campos Verdes, Santa Terezinha de Goiás - Brazil.


Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements. We hope to provide as per the

current market need and situation.

e-mail: info@g44mineracao.com


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Since arriving in Campos Verdes, G44 Mineração LTDA has demonstrated that it is not only thinking about business development, but also about the social development of the municipality and the local community, to which it intends to bring quality of life, employment and income.


With this in mind, the company started investments in the construction of a technological park for cutting gemstones, which will be operated by a specialized team that promises to transform the municipality into one of the largest commercialization centers, processing emeralds, studies, training courses, manufacturing and sales of stones and jewelry from this area.


Campos Verdes has enormous potential to become one of the largest mining centers in the world. We are showing the world that modern mining is carried out in Goiás with respect to the environment and communities. The perspective is that in the coming months more than 300 jobs will be generated with the start of the processing activities for emeralds.




Emerald is one of the four most valuable gemstones in the world and one of the most popular in jewelry. Its hardness is 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale, which is convenient and requires jewelers a lot of attention when creating a piece. The precious stone is part of the Beryl family, a mineral that is commonly found in prismatic crystals with hexagonal bases, several centimeters long and usually striated. Its green color comes from Vanadium and Chrome, where green is more intense and of great quality.




Emerald is the oldest known gem of mankind, having been marketed for around six thousand years in Babylon. In the past, this stone was given to young women as a talisman to provide protection and make it easier to give birth. The Egyptians believed that this stone was associated with fertility and rebirth. Currently, Brazil is the 2nd largest emerald explorer in the world. It is believed that the largest emerald in the world was found in Brazil, weighing 57 thousand carats or 11.4 kg, the piece was cut in India.




One of the biggest concerns of G44 Mineração is with the environment and the maintenance of the local fauna and flora. Knowing the extreme importance of developing environmental management with excellence, keeping in mind the concepts of social and environmental responsibility. Having a continuous commitment to its ethical behavior and economic development, promoting an improvement in the quality of life and workforce.


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